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What we're looking for in Nonfiction

  • Be brave. Send us the stuff you never thought would get published anywhere. Send us the thing you have to take a deep breath over before submitting or running by your critique group.
  • We are always interested in hearing different viewpoints from different sectors of society, and work in different forms, too: we'll read lyrical essays; experimental essays; and narrative nonfiction.
  • Be professional. Polish your work; make sure it’s clean. Your word limit is 6,000 words. (It’s okay to swear in your work, though. That’s not the kind of “clean” we mean.) We won’t accept anything remotely misogynistic or bigoted.
  • Be concise. Ranting, raving, or emotive logorrhea are never good ways to get important ideas across, so leave those on the cutting-room floor. We believe in brevity, so if you have flash nonfiction, we are happy to read that, too.
  • We're not looking for: Book reviews, academic work, cultural criticism, or writing about writing. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.