Ends on July 31, 2019

$8.00 USD

Feedback on your submission

Select this option for direct feedback on your submission. For an extra $3, a TLR editor will comment specifically on your manuscript. "Feedback," for the purposes of TLR submissions, comprises concise notes on what's working and what isn't working for your story or essay. The feedback may be two lines, it may be two paragraphs, but it will always be actionable.

Full critiques (Fiction only)
In fiction we also offer a full critique of your manuscript from a highly qualified reader. You will receive an editorial letter that details your submission’s strengths and weaknesses and potential editorial next steps. 

See our Full Critiques for Fiction section for details.

What we’re looking for in Fiction

  • We like stories that offer imaginative premises, unusual or marginalized characters, and high stakes.
  • Show us characters driven by lifetimes of experience and complex motivations.
  • Experimental writing is also welcome.
  • We are not reading children’s or YA literature at this time.
  • Word limit is 1,500 to 10,000 words.

Use the option below to submit your manuscript and receive feedback.